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  • CEO
    Changlae Cho
  • Business
    Mobility & IT, ESS
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About LG Energy Solution
Europe GmbH

LG Energy Solution Europe GmbH has three business divisions: Advanced Automotive Battery, Mobility & IT Battery, and ESS Battery. Our core business activities are sales, development, customer service, and testing with our strong presence in the lithium-ion batteries sector. Leveraging our unmatched technologies, we are actively engaged in the development of innovative products and expanding our battery production capacities worldwide to strengthen our leadership in the next-generation energy market.

In pursuit of our goals, we have established an ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) vision titled "We CHARGE toward a better future." This vision encompasses eight critical areas related to the environment, human rights, safety, and society, as well as four key areas including climate action, closed-loop recycling, human capital, and responsible supply chain management. By 2030, our focus will be on managing these four key areas, including transitioning to 100% renewable energy, reusing waste batteries, eliminating human rights risks, and establishing a clean and transparent supply chain for raw materials and batteries that takes into account the environment and human rights.