We develop, test, produce and sell batteries for electric vehicles in the automotive industry. In addition, our employees in the Quality Management and Project Management Department are continuously working on improvements to our batteries and cells in order to maintain our leading position in the EV(electric vehicle) battery market.

Core Competitiveness

  1. Total Optimal Solution via
    Technological Support & Expertise

    Solutions provided by optimal and technical support for Cell, Module, Packs, and BMS with a diverse portfolio of state-of-the-art technology.

  2. The Ideal Partner for
    Global Automotive OEMs

    Operation of over 70 global projects with automotive customers including products, materials, and technologies based on 30 years of R&D experience.

  3. Global Production Presence and Accessibility to Customers

    LG Energy Solution has established the highest number of global manufacturing sites including Korea, China, USA and Poland, while holding the longest-standing production experience with the ability to respond to our customer’s needs.


Our pouch-type battery cells can be produced in various lengths and widths,
which is conducive to enhancing the battery capacity and allows optimization of battery cells.

  • Uni-direction Cell

    Uni-direction Cell

  • Bi-direction Cell

    Bi-direction Cell

  • Long Cell

    Long Cell

  • Low Height Cell

    Low Height Cell

Modules and packs can be produced in various designs to accommodate the client's end product.

  • Length Difference

    Length Difference

  • Height Difference

    Height Difference

  • Width Difference

    Width Difference

  • Tall Pack

    Tall Pack

  • Narrow Pack

    Narrow Pack

  • Flat Pack

    Flat Pack

  • Stepped Pack

    Stepped Pack

A wide range of BMS is available from 50V to 800V.

  • Low voltage : ~ 50V

    Low voltage : ~ 50V

  • Light EV : ~ 100V

    Light EV : ~ 100V

  • EV : ~ 500V

    EV : ~ 500V

  • Commercial EV : ~ 800V

    Commercial EV : ~ 800V