We handle the Marketing and Sales for batteries, that are used for smaller devices to large size application.

Core Competitiveness

  1. Applications in Various Sizes and Shapes

    Our cylindrical and polymer batteries are installed in a wide range of applications from small appliances such as power tools to light electric vehicle such as eBike and eScooter.

  2. Battery Design that Utilizes Maximum Space

    With our patented stacking and folding technology, we develop customized batteries optimized for the application to maximize both space utilization and capacity.

  3. Outstanding Quality Through Materials Technology

    We have developed NCM batteries for the first time in Korea and produce high-capacity, high-density, and ultra-slim products with cutting-edge technologies on core materials such as cathodes and separators.


High energy density, High output and Standard size.

  • Cylindrical

The slimmest, High energy density and Various size.

  • Polymer
  • Polymer